I'm finally getting around to posting about my visit to Japan last October. Having never been there before, I really didn't know what to expect, but eagerly anticipated the adventure. I had, however, two slight concerns: #1— that I would get lost a lot, and #2—as an historically non adventurous eater—I would have a difficult time finding meals. Well, I'm happy to report only one of the fears came true. And that wasn't so bad, because the good people of Japan were very nice in helping me find my way again.

Kyoto—I wish I made better note of the location these restaurants. Off Shijo Dori, this place served up some very filling ramen. It took me forever to get halfway through, while the salarymen next to me slurped theirs down in minutes. I couldn't finish the bowl—but it was amazing.

Arashiyama — Looked like chicken. Smelled like fish. Tasted like pork. I'm still not sure what this was, but I sure ate it. And for 350 Yen not bad!

I think okonomiyaki is the most fun meals I've had. It's interactive, social, and if you don't like it, it's probably your own damned fault. It's also the closest thing I've done to cooking.

You'll never go thirsty in Japan. There's a vending machine of some kind every twenty feet ready to dispense a coke or a pocari sweat—my favorite.

Ginza—More Ramen! So good. I think I had chicken this time.

Tokyo— Taiyaki: A waffle filled with red bean, or in this case, custard. Once again, wish I made note of where I got this. Maybe somebody out there knows? Next time I will have have to be more diligent about the details. It's a great excuse to go back. I now know eating won't be a problem—in fact it'll be an absolute delight. I'll still get lost, probably. One issue at a time.

The salarymen are sleepy. Maybe they had too much ramen?