Skechcrawl—North Beach


My sketchcrawl would begin with a vanilla latte and a cornetto at Caffe Roma (1.) I then stopped for lunch at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store (2.) After eating, I rounded the corner on Union and sketched a hat from Gorin Brothers Hat Shop (3.) Next I walked down to Grant Street and stopped at Cafe Trieste to paint the sign on the corner of Grant/Vallejo (4.) Finally, I headed back to Columbus and stopped for a second lunch at L'Osteria del forno, (5.) thus concluding my sketch/binge crawl. Would you believe I had dinner later?

1. Caffe Roma


2. Marios Bohemian Cigar Store




3. Gorin Brothers Hat Shop


4. Grant and Vallejo


5. L'Osteria del forno




Sketches from Italy

italy_title italy_01.jpeg



I've arrived! Nunzio the driver is waiting for me at the airport.






This guy is something of a local celebrity, having been in an indie movie about Roman Slackers or something.








The Isle of Ischia. I stayed on the West coast at Forio.  You could probably stay anywhere and just hop around to the other towns on the bus.






Some notes and suggestions from the patrons of Pietratorcia.

















Great B&B close to the ferry in Forio. Very convenient location.








The nice, simple, convinient  B&B where I stayed in Rome.










Segrio from Mordi & Vai Gastronomia "Romanesca"









This conductor accused us of improperly validating our tickets. He called the police, who simply scoffed at the conductor.



Ahh, time to head back. What a trip!

If you're thinking of visiting Rome, please check out Rome Like A Local, a great way to discover the hidden gems in Rome!






Sketches from Maui and Lanai

The ABC store has everything. I usually get a bamboo beach mat. Cheap and easy to carry around.

The depiction of a distinguished Japanese gentlemen on the cash register assures that your Yen is acceptable here.


I took a day cruise over to Lanai with Paragon Sailing Charters.  Great trip and worth every penny. After an hour or so sail we arrived at Hulopoe Bay and snorkeled there for a while.

Then we headed in to Manele Bay, where after disembarking, I walked over to The Four Seasons and had a cocktail at the poolside bar. Very refreshing, whatever it was!

On the way back, some spinner dolphins accompanied us for a bit.

Napili Bay

Lunch at The Gazebo.  I think this place is famous for their giant pancakes, but I had the very tasty tuna melt.

Pirate guy at The Gazebo.

Each morning at about 6:15 a bird would start chirping somewhere near my window. I wonder if it was this guy!

Sketches from Yosemite

DAY ONE — We arrive at Curry Village and check in to our (hopefully) hantavirus-free tent.


I sure hope they fumigated this place.


We rode our bikes over to the Ahwahnee Hotel and had a beer there. I thought it was a beautiful hotel until I saw the elevators....


Yikes! I've seen these elevators before. I think I'll take my chances with the hantavirus.


DAY TWO — We begin the hike to Half Dome from Curry Village. The Vernal Fall appears after climbing many steps.


Getting closer. Maybe an hour from the top at this point.


About 800 more feet to go! Great hike. Took about 6 hours to get up there, and four to get back down. Pretty sore after that, so Day Three will be a day of rest.


DAY THREE — In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir made a special trip to Yosemite. I would like to think they also solved mysteries together, which might have been described in a compilation called The Curse of the Sequoia Grove and Other Short Stories, but that's just me.


The tents in Curry Village are stacked right next to each other, so you're bound to hear every whisper or shoe that's dropped. This guy got mad at us for making too much noise before the quiet hours even started. We were probably two minutes from falling asleep, too.


Our last night we all went down to the meadow and checked out the starry night sky. Great way to wrap up the trip!

Sketches from Hawaii

I recently went to Oahu and the Big Island for my birthday. Here are some sketches from the ten day trip.



I wasn't staying at the Surfrider, but I did hang out there. This guy was singing about a little grass hut.


I liked sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs.


This is the hotel I stayed for the weekend—The Aston Waikiki Circle. And circular it was. Comfy bed, too!


First Mai Tai of the trip!

I took The Bus to Koko Head. Slow but cheap. What's the hurry, right?


So many steps to the top, but worth the view.


Two great meals—a mixed plate from Rainbow Drive-In and eggs and sausage from Eggs 'N Things.



Now on to the Big Island. 12B would be an indication of what's to come.


A really cool beach north of the Kailua Kona airport.


Snorkeling near Captain Cook's monument. I remember a lot of Yellow Tang and a couple of aptly named Parrot Fish.


Oh, stayed at the Royal Kona Resort. Great value, great location. Mauna Kea offered an amazing view of the island as far as the eye could see.


It was on the happy hour menu, and I couldn't resist the colors. Tasted very banana-y. Huggos on the Rocks is a great place to catch the sunset, too.


Just me,  the trade winds, and....a vietnamese silk robe?  Anyway, it was a great trip!

Sketches from Nambodea

A scrapbook of sketches and miscellaneous memorabilia from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Siem Reap—and a little Seoul, too.


Good food on Asiana Airlines!


Stopover • Incheon, Korea

Friendly staff and great breakfasts.


Vietnamese folk tales reenacted with puppets on water, traditional Vietnamese orchestra provides background music.


Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi—from Cafe Pho Co.


My favorite meal in Hanoi! Now on to Halong Bay...


I spent two nights in this cozy little cabin.

Good food, good kayaking, too.

Hue, Vietnam 

Hue, Vietnam—I discover I've lost my credit card. I imagine I left it back on the Dragon Pearl. I find it two days later in my carry-on bag.


It looked like a cafe. A great example of Vietnamese hospitality.

This was the place I was looking for. Bun thit nu'ong was a little too spicy for me.


Torrential downpour. Refuge under a tented stall with some pho. Hoi An tomorrow.


Hoi An, Vietnam— I've got my sights set on a banh mi. (I will have three in as many days.)


 Once again, a really nice hotel with a helpful staff.


Q-Bar, Hoi An

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Next stop: Saigon.
Wasn't enough space for that guy.
Saigon, Vietnam—A lot hotter down here in the south.
A great museum.
Had a really nice lunch here.
Day trip to the Mekong Delta. Now on to Cambodia...
Siem Reap, Cambodia—Angkor Wat
Angkor Thom, Bayond Temple
The pilgrims of Angkor Wat.
Ta Prum
Beng Mealia—My favorite temple.
Siem Reap, Cambodia—Frangipani Hotel
Wonderful hotel!
Loved the coconut shakes!
The trip is almost over. Now the long journey home.
But first a nine hour layover in Korea.
Seoul, Korea—It was nice to get out of the airport for a few hours. last flight now!
What a great trip!
I packed very lightly for this trip—carry on only. I would wash my clothes in the hotel sink and they would dry in a couple hours.
I brought more Tom Bihn bags with me than underwear. The Tri-Star, Smart Alec, the Field Journal and Cafe bag all were put to good use.