It's hard to believe that you're still in Russian Hill when you walk into Leopold's, an Austrian restaurant on Polk Street. The decor, staff, and ambient music would have you believe you're closer to the Viennese Alps than the Sierras. Get here early as it fills up fast. (Like no later than 6:30 on a weekday.) If not, you'll have to summon a good deal of Teutonic perseverance.


Great selection of beers. Featured above is the Stiegl.

The schnitzel was super delicious and the jam was a nice touch.

Seven Hills

Take your coat off and stay a while.


You'll only have to climb up one hill to get to Seven Hills. Well, maybe more, depending on where you're coming from. And I recommend climbing, as parking in this neighborhood is scarce. The Alioto family's new restaurant is quite cozy and warm--very homey. Maybe it's the soft lighting, or the wainscoting, or maybe it's the fact I just wanted to say wainscoting.


Really yummy with a slight kick. This was the half order. Glad it wasn't Grandpa Munster's Sausage, that's for sure.