Irish Coffee @ Nopa

Ducking into Nopa from a blustery Divisadero Art Walk last Saturday, some friends and I looked to escape the (relative) cold to warm our chilled spirits. With the hectic brunch rush long over, the restaurant takes on the characteristics of a low key cafe—people reading at the communal table, a relaxed staff (until the dinner bell rings, at least), and plenty of seating at the bar. Though the kitchen is not open, the bar sure is, so we quickly took our seats.

The Blue Bottle Irish Coffee should do the trick!


Ah,much better now!

Joe's Coffee Shop

American named. Chinese owned. Barely decorated. Well, unless you count the stack of phonebooks behind the counter supporting an old unplugged TV. This must be Joe's Coffee Shop. Residing in the Richmond District for 20 years, Joe's serves up a no frills but quality breakfast. The service is all business, so don't expect a lot of pleasantries, but the food is ready fast and coffee is refilled often. It's a busy place, but you won't have to wait too long for a seat. The old Chinese patriarch slaving away over the burners is a sight to behold. 6134 Geary Boulevard (between 25th Ave & 26th Ave.)



I like sitting at the bar at Garibaldi's, either for a drink or maybe their signature Garibaldi's burger. It's also an opportunity to chat with the bartenders and the locals alike. The Happy Hour is pretty decent--half off the bar menu (which includes the Garibaldi's burger.)


The Chip Shot. A variation of the Irish coffee.


Pepper Grinder


For freshly squeezed cocktails.