Plow is a very cool brunch spot up on Potrero Hill. I ate like the animal under this sign.


Be prepared to wait. I got there at 8:30 and was able to draw this while waiting. (I colored it after eating.)


More waiting. But this time, for the food. I ordered a biscuit and a fried egg sandwich.


Hey! I ordered a biscuit, not a schnitzel!


Fried egg sandwich with potatoes. Yum.

Chicago Bagel Authority

The Chicago Bagel Authority's  jurisdiction lies in the heart of Lincoln Park, Chicago. I'll either get the sandwich described above, or a Tob-E-Que (turkey, green bell peppers and BBQ sauce.) Either way, it's always accompanied by a rice crispy treat--a genuine one--not one of those factory made hunks of glue.

Woodhouse Fish Co.

With a friendly staff, great food, and great atmosphere, Woodhouse is one of those places I can show up and have a great lunch or dinner.

There's a lot to choose from on the menu, and they have an exhaustive list of specials. Featured here is the toasted buttered Dungeness roll.



And cup of clam chowder, New England style.


"What's this 'bite radius' crap?"



Blue Barn Gourmet



If you can negotiate the convoy of Maclaren strollers and typical Chestnut Street lunch crowds, you'll be treated to some great sandwiches and salads at Blue Barn. That tuna sandwich is quite tasty, and their salads are generously portioned. The staff is quite friendly as well. Best to call ahead and place your order in advance.

2105 Chestnut St (between Mallorca Way & Pierce St) (415) 441-3232