Delarosa is owned by the same people who brought you Starbelly. The pizza is exactly the same. Whereas Starbelly is strictly beer and wine, Delarosa offers amazing cocktails, mostly of the gin variety. And you know I'm not into gin. But these concoctions... (Cocktail depictions coming soon!) The staff here is super friendly. They serve dinner late, too. I think until 1:00AM.


Bam!  I do, in fact, like the crust. It's just that I need to economize stomach space  to finish the whole thing.

Blue Barn Gourmet



If you can negotiate the convoy of Maclaren strollers and typical Chestnut Street lunch crowds, you'll be treated to some great sandwiches and salads at Blue Barn. That tuna sandwich is quite tasty, and their salads are generously portioned. The staff is quite friendly as well. Best to call ahead and place your order in advance.

2105 Chestnut St (between Mallorca Way & Pierce St) (415) 441-3232