Sketches from Pearl Harbor & Oahu

cover unlikely






Dick and his friends ran for cover when the bombs first began to fall. He found "ringside seats" in a nearby drainage ditch.



Thinly layered pork at Kimukatsu.



Okinawan Izakaya. Great comfort food!


Sketches from Maui and Lanai

The ABC store has everything. I usually get a bamboo beach mat. Cheap and easy to carry around.

The depiction of a distinguished Japanese gentlemen on the cash register assures that your Yen is acceptable here.


I took a day cruise over to Lanai with Paragon Sailing Charters.  Great trip and worth every penny. After an hour or so sail we arrived at Hulopoe Bay and snorkeled there for a while.

Then we headed in to Manele Bay, where after disembarking, I walked over to The Four Seasons and had a cocktail at the poolside bar. Very refreshing, whatever it was!

On the way back, some spinner dolphins accompanied us for a bit.

Napili Bay

Lunch at The Gazebo.  I think this place is famous for their giant pancakes, but I had the very tasty tuna melt.

Pirate guy at The Gazebo.

Each morning at about 6:15 a bird would start chirping somewhere near my window. I wonder if it was this guy!

Sketches from Hawaii

I recently went to Oahu and the Big Island for my birthday. Here are some sketches from the ten day trip.



I wasn't staying at the Surfrider, but I did hang out there. This guy was singing about a little grass hut.


I liked sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs.


This is the hotel I stayed for the weekend—The Aston Waikiki Circle. And circular it was. Comfy bed, too!


First Mai Tai of the trip!

I took The Bus to Koko Head. Slow but cheap. What's the hurry, right?


So many steps to the top, but worth the view.


Two great meals—a mixed plate from Rainbow Drive-In and eggs and sausage from Eggs 'N Things.



Now on to the Big Island. 12B would be an indication of what's to come.


A really cool beach north of the Kailua Kona airport.


Snorkeling near Captain Cook's monument. I remember a lot of Yellow Tang and a couple of aptly named Parrot Fish.


Oh, stayed at the Royal Kona Resort. Great value, great location. Mauna Kea offered an amazing view of the island as far as the eye could see.


It was on the happy hour menu, and I couldn't resist the colors. Tasted very banana-y. Huggos on the Rocks is a great place to catch the sunset, too.


Just me,  the trade winds, and....a vietnamese silk robe?  Anyway, it was a great trip!