Sketches from Maui and Lanai

The ABC store has everything. I usually get a bamboo beach mat. Cheap and easy to carry around.

The depiction of a distinguished Japanese gentlemen on the cash register assures that your Yen is acceptable here.


I took a day cruise over to Lanai with Paragon Sailing Charters.  Great trip and worth every penny. After an hour or so sail we arrived at Hulopoe Bay and snorkeled there for a while.

Then we headed in to Manele Bay, where after disembarking, I walked over to The Four Seasons and had a cocktail at the poolside bar. Very refreshing, whatever it was!

On the way back, some spinner dolphins accompanied us for a bit.

Napili Bay

Lunch at The Gazebo.  I think this place is famous for their giant pancakes, but I had the very tasty tuna melt.

Pirate guy at The Gazebo.

Each morning at about 6:15 a bird would start chirping somewhere near my window. I wonder if it was this guy!

Hog and Rocks

You know, I don't even like oysters and I love this place. Hog and Rocks is a ham and oyster bar located in the Mission. Super friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and great cocktails. I went more of the hog route, figuratively and literally. I shared some meatballs, fries, and hush puppies with friends, and ordered the Two Timer for myself. Delicious. I would love to come back for their brunch.

The Two Timer: Ground beef and country ham, american cheese, iceberg lettuce, avocado, frisco sauce, acme bun. I put some of the potato chips on the burger






Delarosa is owned by the same people who brought you Starbelly. The pizza is exactly the same. Whereas Starbelly is strictly beer and wine, Delarosa offers amazing cocktails, mostly of the gin variety. And you know I'm not into gin. But these concoctions... (Cocktail depictions coming soon!) The staff here is super friendly. They serve dinner late, too. I think until 1:00AM.


Bam!  I do, in fact, like the crust. It's just that I need to economize stomach space  to finish the whole thing.


I like sitting at the bar at Garibaldi's, either for a drink or maybe their signature Garibaldi's burger. It's also an opportunity to chat with the bartenders and the locals alike. The Happy Hour is pretty decent--half off the bar menu (which includes the Garibaldi's burger.)


The Chip Shot. A variation of the Irish coffee.


Pepper Grinder


For freshly squeezed cocktails.