Hog and Rocks

You know, I don't even like oysters and I love this place. Hog and Rocks is a ham and oyster bar located in the Mission. Super friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and great cocktails. I went more of the hog route, figuratively and literally. I shared some meatballs, fries, and hush puppies with friends, and ordered the Two Timer for myself. Delicious. I would love to come back for their brunch.

The Two Timer: Ground beef and country ham, american cheese, iceberg lettuce, avocado, frisco sauce, acme bun. I put some of the potato chips on the burger






A little pricey, yes, but the accurately—if uninspired—named Spruce Burger at Spruce is a delicious indulgence.

If you haven't made reservations, you can always sit at the bar if there is an opening.  Also, the cocktail/lounge area is fair game for dining, as well, which is where I sat on this visit. There's also a giant framed photograph of the back of a man's head.

Bistro SF Grill

You can eat almost any kind of burger at the curiously named Bistro SF Grill. Elk, boar, ostrich and alligator are all listed on the menu. It's like eating the Zoo. Thankfully, there was no primate section on the menu. I had the boar once (above) and another time had the alligator, which I thought was lacking--ahem--bite. The place still awaits its alcohol license, but what it lacks in beer and wine is made up for by the enthusiasm and personality of it's proprietor.


Roam Artisan Burgers

Roam is a welcome addition to the cupcake shops and designer pastry boutiques that line Union Street. You can get a grass feed beef burger, turkey, veggie, bison, sometimes venison. They serve tasty seasonal vegetables from the Farmer's Market, and have amazing bruléed milkshakes as well. (I'll have to do one of those later.)