Irish Coffee @ Nopa

Ducking into Nopa from a blustery Divisadero Art Walk last Saturday, some friends and I looked to escape the (relative) cold to warm our chilled spirits. With the hectic brunch rush long over, the restaurant takes on the characteristics of a low key cafe—people reading at the communal table, a relaxed staff (until the dinner bell rings, at least), and plenty of seating at the bar. Though the kitchen is not open, the bar sure is, so we quickly took our seats.

The Blue Bottle Irish Coffee should do the trick!


Ah,much better now!


Olive oil poached albacore at Nopa. (Wait a second—Is the olive oil poached? Or is it the albacore? And isn't poaching illegal?) Ok, back to the meal..this colorful dish is listed on the appetizer section of the menu, but it sure seemed like a full meal to me, as I was sufficiently satisfied after finishing it. The egg was a nice compliment, too. I highly recommended it, but from what I understand, the albacore is a fleeting seasonal fish, and only makes an appearance on the menu when available. In this case, it made an appearance on the wine menu—or at least the back of it. Kind of wish I kept this one, looking back on it. But I'm sure the poachers took good care of it. (smiley emoticon here)