Skechcrawl—North Beach


My sketchcrawl would begin with a vanilla latte and a cornetto at Caffe Roma (1.) I then stopped for lunch at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store (2.) After eating, I rounded the corner on Union and sketched a hat from Gorin Brothers Hat Shop (3.) Next I walked down to Grant Street and stopped at Cafe Trieste to paint the sign on the corner of Grant/Vallejo (4.) Finally, I headed back to Columbus and stopped for a second lunch at L'Osteria del forno, (5.) thus concluding my sketch/binge crawl. Would you believe I had dinner later?

1. Caffe Roma


2. Marios Bohemian Cigar Store




3. Gorin Brothers Hat Shop


4. Grant and Vallejo


5. L'Osteria del forno




John Franchetti of Rosso Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar

rosso Illustration for Edible Marin and Wine Country Magazine, featuring John Franchetti, chef/owner of Rosso Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar. The Petaluma location features a latteria and fresh mozzarella from Craig Ramini of Tomales Bay who raises genuine, live Italian water buffalo. Say Cheese!  • Rosso Pizzeria Petaluma, 151 Petaluma Blvd S., Petaluma, CA


Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder

When discussing Chicago pizza, it's usually the deep dish that gets all the press. But the thing is, there are so many other choices the city offers. One of the more interesting selections is the pizza pot pie from Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder. That's right, a pizza pot pie.

Upon arriving at your table, it doesn't really resemble anything like a pizza.

But then your server deftly flips the doughy shape over and carefully removes the pot.

And behold! Here is your pizza pot pie. Made from scratch with triple-raised Sicilian bread-type dough; a homemade sauce consisting of olive oil, fresh garlic onions, green peppers, whole plum tomatoes and a blend of cheeses; sausage made from prime boston butts (?) and giant mushrooms. Depicted above is the half-pounder. There is also an unthinkable one-pound pot pie on the menu. And I thought restaurant's name was a mouthful.


Delarosa is owned by the same people who brought you Starbelly. The pizza is exactly the same. Whereas Starbelly is strictly beer and wine, Delarosa offers amazing cocktails, mostly of the gin variety. And you know I'm not into gin. But these concoctions... (Cocktail depictions coming soon!) The staff here is super friendly. They serve dinner late, too. I think until 1:00AM.


Bam!  I do, in fact, like the crust. It's just that I need to economize stomach space  to finish the whole thing.


They say the words cellar door are the most pleasing sounds to the ear. They obviously never spoke the word Starbelly out loud. And they probably didn't have their pizza, either.


If you're not afraid of eating next to strangers and their food, Starbelly has a long communal table. I don't think you have to share your meal with everyone.


Margherita Pizza. Glad I don't have to share it.